Converbration creates intuitive "smart notifications" that lets you magically sense a message's importance, emotion & context without having to look at your phone... Seriously!

We also decided to add in some more futuristic features:

  • Automatically ignore annoying messages ike "lol", “k”, spam, and typo fixes. 
  • “Smart Sleep” mode will ignore all messages for a set time frame (unless they are urgent).
  • Custom Filters allow you to recognize (or ignore) anything you can imagine.

Our technology works seamlessly with most messenger apps (and SMS). Its ready to use in seconds, or you can customize it however you want! Our super advanced AI works directly on your phone which means that your messages stay 100% safe on your device. 

The Future of Notifications


Converbration creates dynamic vibrations that feel like an actual conversation. You’ll be able to feel if a message is short or long, boring or EXCITING! 


Powerful A.I. understands the context and emotion of messages so that you can feel if a message is: happy, unhappy, urgent, a question, NSFW, affirmative, non-affirmative, or work related... before you even read it!


Why be bothered by annoying messages like "k", "lol", spam, or a message that's just fixing a typo? Converbration can automatically mute annoying messages for you.

Smart Sleep

Set a time to ignore all messages... unless they are urgent.


Create powerful word filters to recognize any type of message that you want... or to ignore messages that you find annoying.

It's Also...


Converbration works with text messages and most instant messenger apps... in 17 languages.

Safe and Efficient

Converbration is powered by an advanced A.I. algorithm that runs directly on your phone. This means that we don't receive any of your personal data, and that your battery life won't be impacted.

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